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A specialist in liquid industrial coatings.

BECKER INDUSTRIE Coil Coating Division offers a complete range of Coil Coating paints. Individual technical data sheets, specifying their features and properties, are available on CD-ROM and in a hard-copy catalogue.

Product range:

- BeckryPrim 236 T: acrylic primer with or without chromate for plastisol
- BeckryPrim 246: universal polyurethane primer with or without chromate, applied between 5 and 30 microns
- BeckryPrim 270: white polyester general purpose primer (building/industrial), applied between 5 and 10 microns
- BeckryPrim 218: epoxy primer with chromate
- BeckryPrim 248 PET: polyurethane primer applied between 5 and 15 microns for the co-laminated PET (polyethyleneterephtalate) system
- BeckryPrim 266 : polyurethane primer without chromium convenient for short curing time
- BeckryPrim 242 : universal primer PES with or without chromates - thickness 5 to 15 microns

- BeckryFluor 620-630: PVdF products offering PVdF/Acrylic proportions of 70/30 and 80/20
- BeckryPlast: plastisols at 100/200 microns, metallic (150/200 microns), expanded for sound insulation.
- BeckrySol 450: organosols at 35/50 microns
- BeckryAqua: water borne products based on high molecular weight acrylic
- BeckryPol 300: standard polyesters for roofing and cladding
- BeckryPol 310: standard polyesters for aluminium substrates
- BeckryTech 2001: ultra high durability polyesters
- BeckrySil: silicone polyesters
- Beckryl Graine 820: textured polyurethanes (polyamide composite)
- BeckryDuro: polyurethane polyamide system, high thickness and very high outdoor resistance
- BeckryMax : polyester PES structured system, high thickness and high durability
- BeckryPol 330: undercoat for the LAMICOAT co-laminate system

Most of these topcoats can be supplied in metallic or pearlescent finishes.

Backing coat
- BeckryCoat 710: epoxy
- BeckryCoat 740: epoxy/polyurethane, high flexibility
- BeckryCoat 786 : low cost Epoxy/PES, contains chromates
- BeckryCoat 785 : low cost Epoxy/PES without chromium and good bending aptitude

- BeckryFilm: semi gloss PET film at 20/30 microns with high UV resistance to complete the LAMICOAT system

-Road transports
A simplified, complete range
Analysis and optimisation of painting processes.
Our customers today include Renault Trucks, Volvo, Remarques Rolland, Lohr Industrie, Marrel, Evobus

-Agricultural and construction equipment:
BECKER INDUSTRIE- Blancomme division has developed a specific range by area of application:
Construction equipment
Specialised equipment:
Skips, containers, road rollers, lifting and handling, compressors, buckets
Irrigation spools

Information technology:
Conductive coatings
Decorative coatings

-Automotive sub-component market

-Rail market
Company Profile :
BECKER INDUSTRIE is the French subsidiary of BECKER INDUSTRIAL COATINGS, the industrial coatings division of the Swedish BECKER Group.
The BECKER Group is one of the main manufacturers of paints in Europe with sales of over 709 millions euros.

A German, CARL WILHELM BECKER, who pioneered the paint industry in Sweden, founded the Group in 1865.

The Group is organized in 4 sectors:
BECKER ACROMA: Paints for wood
BECKER INDUSTRIAL COATINGS (BIC): Liquid industrial coatings
COLART: Artists paints

The BECKER group is an international group dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sale of industrial liquid and powder coatings, for metal, plastic and wooden substrates.

BECKER INDUSTRIAL COATINGS (BIC) is the European leader in the Coil Coating market ("Coil Coating" is the technique of pre-painting steel or aluminium substrates) while the Special Coatings business (post-painting) services the highly specialised applications of major users. BIC Group factories in Europe are located in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, U.K., Poland, Canada, Asia, also in India, in China and South Africa.


BECKER INDUSTRIE supplies its ranges of coatings to the French, Belgian, Swiss, Spanish, North African and Middle East markets.

BECKER INDUSTRIE has grown up strongly in recent years : 41 millions euros in 1999 and 80 millions euros in 2003.

In 2001, following " industry " activities acquisition of BLANCOMME Company (38 - Pont-de-Claix) by BECKER Group, BECKER INDUSTRIE is structured as follows :

The headquarter in Montbrison (42 -Loire)

2 activities :

The Coil Coating with its Coil Coating Division located in Montbrison (42) and Feignies (59)

The Special Coatings with its Blancomme Division located in Pont-de-Claix (38 - Is?re)

1 subsidiary :

Sico-Becker located in Pont-de-Claix (Paints dedicated to rail and public transport markets). Subsidiary created with the Canadian SICO compagny.

Thanks to this acquisition, BECKER INDUSTRIE becomes leader on the liquid industrial paints markets : Coil Coating and Special Coatings and BECKER Group demonstrates its intention of coming again in a signifiant way on the French market of powder paint.

During 2003, BECKER INDUSTRIE (Coil Coating Division and Blancomme Division) reached a turnover of 80 million euros, produced 23 100 tons with 354 employees.

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