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Products/Services : Manufacturer and exporter of herbal cosmetics for skin care & hair care - glow neem, day glow, neem under eye care, glory neem, radiance, neem plus vitalizer, aloe neem, neem-orange, anti pimple & acne mask, neem tone, neem detox tea, aru neem, shao neem, neem mist, neem o jol, neem o clin, neem plus hair tonic, neem-silver, oro-neem, anti-pimple & acne cream, neem amrita, neem hydrotherapy powder
health care products - neem lipid care tea, eczema / psoriasis ointment, arthritis oil, neem anti flare lotion, neem soap (with sandal, dento neem - mouth wash, blood rectifier tonic, neem life tonic, shirodhara & abhyangam oils, neem life facial massage cream, neem anti eczema / psoriasis oil, dento neem tooth paste
hygiene products - neem -0-lime, neem blitz
neem extracts & derivatives - neem oil, cold processed, neem extract azadirachtin, neem cake powder & de-oiled neem seed powder-organic fetiliz

Products/Services : Herbal cosmetics for skin care & hair care - glow neem, aru neem, day glow, shao neem, neem under eye care, neem mist, glory neem, neem o jol, radiance, neem o clin, neem plus vitalizer, neem plus hair tonic, aloe neem, neem-silver, neem-orange, oro-neem, anti pimple & acne mask, anti-pimple & acne cream, neem tone, neem amrita, neem detox tea, neem hydrotherapy powder.
health care products - neem lipid care tea, blood rectifier tonic, eczema / psoriasis ointment, neem life tonic, arthritis oil, shirodhara & abhyangam oils, neem anti flare lotion, neem life facial massage cream, neem soap (with sandal), neem anti eczema / psoriasis oil, dento neem - mouth wash, dento neem tooth paste.
hygiene products - neem -0-lime, neem blitz.
neem extracts & derivatives - neem oil, cold processed, neem extract azadirachtin, neem cake powder & de-oiled neem seed powder-organic fetilizer.
in door pest

Products/Services : Traders of aloevera, bulk gift provider

our products ranges:-
cosmetic products:-
face pack
acne treatment face pack
fairness pack
normal and dry skin
hair oil

desktop jewelry gifts
house hold gifts
electronic gifts

aloe vera:-

Products/Services : We give permanent solution to the following problems:

acne scars,
unwanted hair removal,
skin whitening,
tattoos removal,
ageing changes,
wrinkle solution,
laser facial rejuvenation,
dermal fillers,
dermal abrasions,
fractional resurfacing
birth marks,
stretch marks ,
tissue peels,
tca peels; is now available in hyderabad

Products/Services : Manufacturers & exporters of neem care products.
name of products
herbal cosmetics for skin care & hair care
.glow neem
.aru neem
.day glow
.shao neem
.neem under eye care
.neem mist
.glory neem
.neem o jol
.neem o clin
.neem plus vitalizer
.neem plus hair tonic
.aloe neem
.anti pimple & acne mask
.anti-pimple & acne cream
.neem tone
.neem amrita
.neem detox tea

health care products
.neem lipid care tea
.blood rectifier tonic
.eczema / psoriasis ointment
.neem life tonic
.arthritis oil
.shirodhara & abhyangam oils
.neem anti flare lotion
.neem life facial massage cream
.neem soap
.neem anti eczema / psoriasis oil
.dento neem - mouth wash
.dento neem tooth paste

hygiene products
.neem -0-lime - disinfectant detergent
.neem blitz - anti bacterial & germs killer

neem extracts & derivatives
.neem oil

Products/Services : Ayurvedic massages, ayurvedic treatment for infertility, ayurvedic treatment for pcod, organic facials, natural facials, aloe vera for skin, hypnobirthing, reflexology foot massage, aroma oil massage, dhara treatment, clinical hypnotherapy, ayurvedic panchakarma treatment, anti acne treatment, past life regression therapy, holistic healing centre.

Products/Services : We are manufacturers & exporters of following products.

our products are :
* herbal hair colors
* herbal based cosmetic
1. skin care
-anti-wrinkle cream
-anti-acne cream
-body lotion
-all purpose cream

2. hair care
-hair shampoos
-hair oil
-hair tonic
-hair regrowth oil

* ayurveda beauty recipes

Products/Services : We are manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in cosmetics and provide beauty parlour courses.

all our products – ayurvedic products, indian herbal cosmetic products, and other beauty products - are available in pune, mumbai, and other cities throughout maharashtra and india.
* specialty/hair care/professional products :- butic whitening cream, butic hand and body lotion moisturiser for body, butic twakalpa (hand and foot cream), butic moisturiser, butic egg shampoo (for dry hair), butic protein hair conditioner, butic glowvin shampoo (for all types of hair), butic daneem anti-dandruff, butic condair (herbal conditioning shampoo), butic tejaskeshya-herbal conditioning powder (for cleansing), butic sea-weed jelly, butic massage cream, butic dein lotion.

* maya paranjapye's 25 years of experience and education in the esthetics's fields has offered in the pune and mumbai parlours other th

Products/Services : Ayurved manufacturer and exporter .our company is manufacturing various herbal, ayurvedic products such as herbal power generator capsule for men gasim , herbal constipation relax powder laxaco, herbal women care products, herbal skin products herbal acne products , herbal liver products , herbal alkaliser , herbal beauty products , herbal tonics , herbal antidiabetic , herbal antiarthritis , herbal jointpain and many more..
we call for super stockist /frenchises for herbal ayurvedic products all over india , europe, canada and gulf .

Products/Services : Siddhkalp ayurvedic face pack treats acne, scars, hyper and hypon pigmention , makes the facial skin fairer.

siddhkalp ayurvedic hair-oil-used for treating all tyoes of alopecia , untimely graying of hair and the oil also turns the gray hair to black again.it helps treate insomnia, helps in new growth of lusterous hair also stops the hair fall.
siddhkalp digestive medicine treates all types of digestive ailments.

Search Term : acne     |     Total records - 112     |     Page .. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .. of 12    

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